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Big Ten coaches share their best recruiting stories

ESPN put together a few stories from Big Ten coaches sharing their best stories from the recruiting trail, and a few of them are instant classics that will be talked about in the office for years to come.

Read all of them, from Jerry Kill to Urban Meyer here. Last week, Maryland's Randy Edsall shared a recruiting visit that had him dialing 911.

Here are just a few that we thought were worth a quick look.

Bill O'Brien:

The last week of recruiting, I was flying in basically 40-mile-an-hour winds. I was in Virginia, that area most of the time, Pennsylvania some, but everywhere I was flying into, it felt like we were going down. So every place I ended up, I made sure to say to that player, "You better be a good player because I just put my life on the line landing here."

Pat Fitzgerald:

It was funny. I was at a high school in a hallway talking with a family. All of a sudden, one of the kids comes walking by and sees me and goes, "Hey, go Penn State!" One of his buddies then goes, "Be quiet, that guy's going to kick your butt." I just said, "Keep walking." So we have a lot of fun with some of the high school kids.

Urban Meyer:

Dontre [Wilson]'s high school coach called me as we were waiting on his text and he said, "We've got a problem here." I got up and walked out of the room and said, "What have we got going?" He said, "He's not sure he wants to do this." My heart sunk to my knees. And then he said, "Coach, did I get you?" I said, "Yeah, you got me." I'm going to get him back someday.

Nice work from the guys over at ESPN.