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Big Ten considering 4 team playoff

Big Ten officials are kicking around the idea of a four team playoff where the top 4 teams in the BCS standings would face off.

The semifinal games would take place on the campus of the highest seeded team, and the site of the championship game would go to the highest bidder, much like the Super Bowl.

Northwestern Athletic Director Jim Phillips says "We have to listen to the fans; we cannot be tone-deaf, the Big Ten is open and curious”.

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany would not comment specifically on the proposal until he had a better gauge for other presidents, chancellors and athletic directors within the Big Ten, but did add "It’s a matter of coming up with something that does not kill the baby with the bath water. We have a regular season that is vibrant. We have 12 games plus a (conference) championship game – that’s a lot of games. We have academic calendars, though that doesn't resonate with many people. But if you’re dealing with university presidents, faculty and coaches, you’re talking about it.”

Delany added that he thinks fans are conditioned to the playoffs, and he just wants to make sure they are doing the "right thing".