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Bill Belichick: A Football Life

The NFL Network rolled out it's new series last night in which they filmed and mic'd up Bill Belichick for an entire season, on and off the field...Bill Belichick: A Football Life.

We caught a little bit of it and we've seen a number of people comment about...everything positive.

This show is going to be a huge hit. The clips that we saw showed great insight into his thinking, teaching and motivating.

Naturally, there are going to be some things caught on mic that some viewers wouldn't consider appropriate for young viewers; but this show isn't produced for young viewers.

The first episode ran last night and the next one debuts next Thursday...but we're quite positive the NFL Network will be re-running often in between (in fact we hear they have cleared a spot today at 4PM EST for it). You can see a few short clips on their website here.

Below is a clip showing a game day interaction between Belichick and Ravens receiver Derek Mason. This clip is getting a lot of pub in the twitter world this morning for it's shock factor; but the actual show has far better content than this...stuff coaches will enjoy.