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Bill Cubit: That's the business. You don't eat right, you don't sleep. There's no other way...

Upon hearing the news of Mark Dantonio’s heart attack, Western Michigan head coach Bill Cubit told the Kalamazoo Gazette, “There’s no other way to do this business.”

In recent years, a number of coaches have undergone heart surgeries including Chan Gailey, David Cutcliffe, Tommy West, Jim Bollman (Ohio State OC), and others.

Cubit said, “That’s the business. You don’t eat right, you don’t get any sleep. ... There’s no other way to do this business."

“He’s (Dantonio) a great guy. It’s a shame it happened. I’m sure there are a lot of coaches going home tonight after a long day, looking at their wives and having their wives look back at them, saying, ‘You’d better take care of yourself.’ The job doesn’t allow you to do it.”

Chris D’Haem, the interventional cardiologist that performed the surgery on Dantonio, said, "He is young, in excellent shape, and the damage to his heart was minimal. Coach Dantonio made the right decision to come in and get checked out immediately."