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Bill Moos just wrote the script

Washington State AD just hit a home run. 

The football season ended Saturday. He met with his football coach over two days. Listened to his plan. Brought him to a luncheon with the local supporters to hear their thoughts, recommendations and criticisms. Then he thought about it for a few hours.

The next morning (the Tuesday following the last game), he met with the head coach and informed him that he felt that there was apathy in the fan base and that with the lowest annual giving number in the Pac-12, he felt it was in the best interests of the University to bring in new blood. 

He then held a press conference at which he answered questions directly and informed his fans how he intended to select the next head coach and he literally spelled out who he intended to hire.

He spoke confidently about how he had a short list in his desk drawer that he updated from time to time in the event he had to bring on a new coach. The list was short, "maybe five names". This is a Pac-12 school, there is no need to have more than 5. 

Although Moos said he had not, our sources tell us he contacted Mike Leach shortly before the presser. Leach was his #1 target and there is no reason to mess around when you know you can hit a home run with choice #1. 

He made the offer the same afternoon and today Leach accepted. 

Mr. Moos will soon begin teaching an online course available through this website only titled, "Be prepared, listen, make a decision, take action, and then close the deal"...or maybe it will just be titled "How to be an effective Athletic Director".