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Bill Moos keeps a "no bowl ticket" file for nasty emails

Late last season, Washington State hit a rough patch in Mike Leach's first season as a head coach, losing eight of their last nine games before finishing 3-9. That's around the time that athletic director Bill Moos started to get flooded with emails criticizing Leach and his staff, some even calling for his job.

Here's a small piece of what makes Moos one of the most unique athletic directors in the country. Moos read each and every email, responding to even the nastiest messages with a tone of support for Leach and his staff, that they're working on changing the losing culture of the program, and then ended most of the correspondences with hoping that they will continue to support the team.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, according to The News Tribune.

Some of the nastier messages really didn't sit well with Moos, and it was those emails that got forwarded to an assistant athletic director with the acronym "NBT", meaning No Bowl Tickets. 

Moos doesn't mess around after a 10 year bowl drought, and with the Cougs at 6-5 and bowl eligible in year two under Leach, his message to fans is clear; support us in the good times, as well as the bad...or else!

“I answer all of those emails, then I send them to the Cougar Athletic Fund to see what their gift history is, and what their ticket purchase history is. Pretty amazing — about 85-90 percent of them are not members of the CAF." Moos told The News Tribune.

"I’ve got a no-bowl ticket file, and I want people on board and believing in what we’re doing, and trusting how we’re going about it. If they don’t want to be on the train, the train’s already pulled out of the station.” 

While selling bowl tickets is obviously important, and Moos acknowledges that packing the stands with Crimson and Gray at any bowl venue is paramount, he adds that he may be able to make exceptions for a few on the "NBT" list, but there are some fans that won't be attending the bowl game as long as he has a say in the matter.

“We’ve got to sell bowl tickets, so I may give it a second consideration, but there’s a couple that aren’t going to get them. I can guarantee you that.”

When it comes to administrators, Moos is certainly one of a kind. My hat is off to him for this one.