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Bill O'Brien explains his fourth down strategy

Through the first two games, Penn State is 5 for 7 on fourth down conversions, converting at a 71% clip.

Bill O'Brien explained his fourth down philosophy recently, and why it isn't a knee jerk reaction.

"When you go for it on fourth down, you can't just, all of a sudden, go for it. Your third-down call is more of a second-down call because you're trying to get half the distance to the first down so it's a manageable fourth down. I don't think many coaches have said that in a long time."

Going for it is something that the staff prepares the offense for all week, O'Brien noted, "We prepare the kids for it, the kids know we're going to go for it."

"You're trying to create a manageable fourth down."

"You're also looking at the field position, so once we get really close to the 50, I'm pretty much not going to punt it. I'm just going to tell you that, like, we're going to go for it. Unless it's fourth and forever.''

Penn State welcomes Navy to Happy Valley this weekend as both teams are looking for their first win of the season.