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Bill O'Brien: "It's time to punch back"

After fielding questions about the scandal since being named head coach, and now dealing with questions about the NCAA's stiff sanctions, Bill O'Brien is starting to see it all as a form of motivation.

When first hired, O'Brien noted the importance of getting out in front of everything that was coming their way, but it was evident that attitude has shifted while he talked to the media at Big Ten media days.

“We took a lot of punches. Penn State has taken a lot of punches over the last six months, and it’s time to punch back.”

O'Brien is adamant that Penn State football isn't going to roll over, regardless of the NCAA ruling.

“If people were inside the building and understood what type of people we have and what they’ve gone through in the last couple days or six months, they wouldn’t say anything about us being dead."

"We’re alive. We’ll be alive and kicking Sept. 1.”

O'Brien and the Nittany Lions open up in Happy Valley at noon against Ohio on September 1.