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Bill O'Brien speaks about the first thing he did at Penn State

Bill O'Brien has been on the job for just over two months now at Penn State, and is not a believer in the "honeymoon phase" of the job.

"I can't stand the term 'honeymoon phase, this is a difficult job, just like every Division I head coaching job. There are no honeymoons." he said.

O'Brien caught up with Mark Wogenrich Of The Morning Call after the annual Nike Eastern Pennsylvania Coach of the Year Clinic to talk about a few other things surrounding the program.

O'Brien said that the first thing on his checklist once he got on campus was to make sure that everyone associated with the program knew their role. "The first week I was there we had an organizational meeting with 45-50 people who work for us in the football building, and we wanted to make sure each person understands their role" he explained.

He also talked about a new personal rule that he has to sleep a few hours in his own bed each night. "When you spend 24-7 working on football, you'd better make sure you're a good family man. Right now, that's tough, with my family still being in Massachusetts. Hopefully, they'll be here by the end of March" he added.

One last thing, O'Brien says he doesn't plan to have a twitter account in the future. Just a hunch; but we'd bet a dollar that he has one within 12 months.