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Bill Snyder's building blocks: #8 - Enthusiasm

As you may remember, back during the season we shared Bill Snyder's 16 building blocks for a program with you. At the beginning of each season, Snyder hands the team a laminated card with 16 goals listed that if they can conquer, will lead to victory.

Every once in a while one of the videos will make the front page for "Video of Day", but their recent addition of enthusiasm (#8), was worth a little extra love.

Enthusiasm not only stands for the emotion that Coach Snyder and the staff have the Wildcat's playing with, but also the energy that fills the stadium on Saturdays in Manhattan. The video highlights one big play against Baylor last season that illustrates both types of enthusiasm.

Each video ends with the following quote "If we as individuals accomplish or achieve these goals, then we, as a unit, will be successful". Very well done series.