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Blown call on fake punt hurts Virginia, Lane Kiffin responds

In a scoreless game in the 2nd quarter at USC, Virginia head coach Mike London called a fake punt that was beautifully executed by the Cavaliers. 

Virginia had the ball on their own 40-yard line. Aligned with a 3-man shield, Virginia snapped the ball to the punter, who then lobbed the ball over the rush to one of the three (in the shield). The other two players in the shield “cut blocked” below the waist the USC rushers. 

The refs through a penalty flag, negating the successful fake. The momentum shifted and the Virginia failed the score on the drive.

On the field, Mike London blew a gasket to say the least.

Following the 17-14 loss, UVA special teams coordinator Anthony Poindexter said, “The referee said you can’t cut (block) on a punt play, but we was behind the line of scrimmage. You actually can (cut block) if you’re running an offensive play. They apologized to us (before the start of the third quarter), but that don’t do me any good right now.”

On Monday, Lane Kiffin took a different stance. Kiffin said, “It is a penalty. If you go back and read the rule book, if they are in a kicking formation, which is no one with the ability to take a snap from center and someone deeper than 7 yards, you cannot cut in any fashion regardless of the play, so the refs made a great call.”

Kiffin must have learned something different following his statement because on Tuesday, Kiffin admitted, “We were wrong.”

Since we don't have the film of the Virginia fake punt (we are working on it), we wonder which college team is going to have the %@$$* to run this fake punt: