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Bo Pelini embarrassed, Carl Pelini not disappointed and fires back on reporter

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini says he was embarrassed with the 17-3 win over South Dakota State (0-3). The Cornhuskers converted just 4 of 13 third-down conversions, totaled 345 yards, and had 3 turnovers.

Pelini says Nebraska cannot play to the level of competition. 

“Not if you want to win championships,” said Pelini. “If that’s the way our football team is going to be, I need to go coach someplace else.”

 “Obviously I’m not pushing the panic button because this is the same football team that went out to Washington last week and played pretty good football. But you’ve got to have consistency. For us to show up like that at home today, I’m embarrassed.”

Meanwhile, defensive coordinator Carl Pelini was not disappointed and fired back at a reporter.

Nebraska is OFF this weekend, before traveling to Kansas State for a Thursday night game.