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Bo Pelini: 'If they want to fire me, go ahead'


Nebraska closed its regular season in the quintessential Nebraska-like game under Bo Pelini on Friday. The Huskers were beaten by Iowa, 38-17, at home. Nebraska played Iowa to a virtual standstill on the field, owning a 288-282 yardage advantage, but were undone by a 3-0 turnover deficit and five costly penalties - including one by the head coach.

Playing a 2nd-and-12 at its own 42 yardline midway through the third quarter, the Huskers were called for a pass interference penalty; Pelini disagreed vehemently with the call and tossed his hat at a referee. He was immediately hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Turning a 2nd-and-12 at the 42 into a 1st-and-10 at the 15, Iowa converted a 31-yard field goal and extended its lead to 17-10. 

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That outburst was just in a historically bombastic day for the fiery Nebraska coach: 

Taking a big picture look at Pelini's program, Friday's loss means that Nebraska has now lost exactly four games in each of his six seasons at Nebraska. It's been the most unsatisfying 56-24 half-dozen seasons (on both sides) in recent memory.