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Bob Toledo talks about the Green Wave

Tulane head coach Bob Toledo and defensive coordinator Steve Stanard talked about the Green Wave.

Quoting Tulane head coach Bob Toledo: "We missed a couple again today; we’re going to miss some field goals," Toledo said. "It’s like wedge shots. You’re going to miss the green. . . . Until you get the guys in there that you are really working with, there are going to be some mistakes, and there’s not a lot of continuity with that group. So we’ll continue to get better, but I think both kickers (Rome and Santos) are kicking the ball pretty well, and we just have to protect a little better and snap a little better."

"I don't know what's worse, the heat or the rain. At least in the heat, you can still practice. With lightning, you can't come out. We had to move practice around a little bit and lost about 35 minutes of practice reps today and we're not going to practice this afternoon because the weather is supposed to get worse.”

Quoting Tulane defensive coordinator / defensive line coach Steve Stanard: "This is the week. Now you’re in full gear, you’re tired, you’re a little bit sore, and that’s how you play all season, tired and sore. This is the week that really kind of decides how good we can be, if we can push through this week."

"It’s interesting just watching spring (film) cut-ups. Through the first four days, you hear the defensive lineman saying, ‘Man, I can’t believe I was that bad.’ They’re seeing how much improvement they’ve made through the spring through the first days of practice."