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Bobby Hauck: It's been overwhelming. We may have the youngest team in college football

UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck believes he will have the youngest team in the country next season.

In fact, one of the first lines in the 2011 UNLV prospectus released by the sports information department reads, “Looking for more upperclassmen? Sorry, we’re running low.”

Additionally, UNLV faces a difficult schedule that includes road trips to Wisconsin, Washington State, Air Force, and TCU.

The home schedule includes Boise State and San Diego State.

Hauck admitted yesterday, "It's been pretty overwhelming trying to get things going here. So, we haven't had a lot of time off. But, as I like to say when our recruits are here, anywhere there are palm trees you are probably in a pretty good place.”

“We'll be one of the youngest teams in all of college football, if not the youngest next year.”

"Eventually we need to get a signature win that we can hang our hat on," explained Hauck. "We had a couple good wins last year where we beat up on some folks. But we need to get over that hump where we're winning more consistently. You know, in order to do that, we've got to grow up."

UNLV opens at Wisconsin.