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Bobby Petrino says his coaching style will change

On the Tim Brando show earlier today, Bobby Petrino talked about what aspects of his coaching style he plans on changing as he takes on the Western Kentucky job.

Known in coaching circles as having a business like approach to the game, Petrino explained that he plans to put a renewed focus on developing the entire student athlete this time around.

"I'm going to continue to be very focused and driven," Petrino explained. "But I'm not going to just sit myself in the film room and focus just on football. With they players I'm going to focus more on the person and how to help them outside of football and understand their obstacles and distractions that they have."

"I really believe that I can do a better job of getting out and understanding the community and playing a bigger role in helping the young kids in the community. Things that I can do outside of coaching, I think can help me as a person, and help us as a family in the community."

Petrino added during this season, he "dug himself a hole" and didn't really reach out and talk to too many coaches, but a number of coaches reached out to him to provide support and words of encouragement to keep his head up and to continue to work hard and good things will happen.

The Hilltopper team that Petrino takes over is tailor made to take the next step, as they've finished 7-5 the past two seasons. While they've been more of a run heavy team under Willie Taggart, Petrino will definitely have some talent to work with as he puts his quarterback friendly offensive stamp on the program.

Only time will tell how things play out, but with Petrino's track record of success at both Louisville and Arkansas (where he went a combined 75-26), it would be pretty tough to bet against him taking Western Kentucky to new heights. Combine that with a renewed focus on developing the entire student athlete and the sky is the limit.