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Borges took bye week to compare home and away play calls

Michigan (2-2) opens up their Big Ten schedule this weekend at Purdue and is hoping to get back on track in road games. They have dropped their only two road/neutral site games this season (Alabama and Notre Dame).

Since Al Borges has taken the reigns as the offensive coordinator under Brady Hoke, the Wolverines are scoring just under 21 points per game on the road, while putting up just over 40 at the Big House. The Wolverines are 10-0 at home and 3-4 on the road during that span.

Borges took a long hard look at their road games this past weekend looking for the issues giving them trouble and noted that he looked at everything from the play calls at home compared to calls on the road to rushing statistics. But it was their turnovers that seem to be the recurring issue.

"I'm never sure exactly what to make of it. All I know is look at the raw data."

"We're turning the ball over too much on the road, that's No. 1. What's our rushing statistics on the road? How's the play-calling? I looked at that. What I did the last two weeks is I took every game we played on the road, looked at every tape and how I went about calling the offense on the road as opposed to how I was calling the offense (at home)."

The Detroit Free Press points out that interceptions in particular are an area of concern. Denard Robinson has thrown 13 interceptions on the road in seven games compared to 10 interceptions in ten total games in Ann Arbor.

"It's harder to play on the road, but you can't use that as an excuse because good teams win on the road. The biggest issue (at Notre Dame) was we just can't turn the ball over. It sounds like coach speak, but it's true: When you turn the ball over as many times as we turned it over, you have virtually no chance of winning the game." Borges said of the six turnovers in their game against the Fighting Irish.

"I feel like we can win the Big Ten," Borges added. "It's a matter of shoring up the plays that are getting us beat. I think we're fine. It's not like people are pushing us around. We're not getting pushed around. We got a few deals where we self-destructed...and not just the turnovers now, there are other issues, too."

Michigan takes on Purdue (3-1) at 4pm ET. The game can be seen on the Big Ten Network.