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Bowden pulling for Jimbo, but admits recommending Mickey Andrews

Bobby Bowden’s new book, “Called to Coach” hits bookstores today.

This morning while promoting his book in New York, Bowden talked with Tim Brando on the Sporting News Radio.

Bowden explained his exit situation at Florida State by saying, “Between me and you and the world, I did want to coach another year. That is what I had asked for. When the president came by to see me, he said what the trustees want you to do is stay as an ‘ambassador coach.’ They want you to not be on the field. I said that’s out. I’m not doing that. The other option is they are not going to renew your contract.”

"I thought I was beginning to lose control about 2 or 3 years before getting out. It became ‘Bobby we did this, Bobby we’ve done that.’"

Bowden explained he didn’t bring Jimbo Fisher to FSU to be the next head coach. He said, “That was not the case. My goal was to get 400 wins. I told him when I leave, I’m going to recommend Mickey Andrews. I don’t know what will happen, but that’s what I’m going to do. He had been with me for 26 years.”

“Then they told me they were going to hire a coach-in-waiting. They said they wanted someone younger (than Mickey). It was evident Jimbo was the guy. And that was fine with me.” 

Bowden added, “If you ever win a national championship, they expect you to do it every year. Who knows (if I stayed this year), it only takes one year to get back.” 

On Jimbo Fisher, Bowden said, “He reminds me of Saban because he’s so detailed. I’m pulling for them. I’m not mad at Florida State one bit. I love Florida State.”