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Brian Kelly addresses the 2 things the Irish really lacks

On Sunday, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly addressed his deep concern about the mental and physical toughness of his team.

The Irish defeated 31-13 on the road at Boston College, but Kelly clearly has a sense of urgency.

Kelly said, “Mental and physical toughness, we just talked about it. We’re in a stretch of games that we don’t have time to sit around and wait and say, ‘it’s okay. Let’s come back. We’ll be better next week.’”

“Notre Dame has been doing that for too long. We don’t have time to wait. We need to get it corrected. The only way to get it corrected is the head coach addresses the issue we correct it, we challenge our players to make certain it doesn’t happen again. And we just don’t have time to wait around. If they want someone that is laid back and that’s going to allow the process to take it’s form over time, then they have the wrong guy. That’s not the way I operate.”

“You can’t win championships, you can’t win close games, you can’t close out games, you can’t come from behind, all the things that eventually you have to do to win all of your games unless you have a physical and mental toughness. We lack that.” 

1-3 (before Boston College) is unacceptable. Enough is enough. We don’t have time to give them the long story. It’s gotta be the short story and they gotta get it done.

Notre Dame hosts Pitt this weekend.