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Brian Kelly: Competing is not good enough. You have to win games.

Brian Kelly just finished his weekly press conference. One thing is for certain…Kelly will not lose his cool. The first-year Notre Dame head coach answered some tough questions, never showing the slightest bit of frustration.

Kelly seems open to talk about pretty-much anything. He is to-the-point and honest. 

A couple of interesting quotes from Kelly:

“For our coaches to really step in there, they picked up for one of the best special teams coaches in the country and did a good job. We ‘team coach’ the special teams. (With Coach Elston sick) Mike Denbrock will coach the defensive line. Lorenzo Guess (strength assistant) will coach the tight ends position. That is just for a short time, we are expecting Coach Elston to be back with us real soon.”

“My focus is on getting the coaches and players to play the game better, so that we can win.” 

“I don’t know if I am going to talk about us being tired anymore. We just need to make plays.”

“We’ll keep coaching the same way. We’ll be careful, but not play scared. Obviously, you want Dayne in the game. We have to keep it in, but the zone read won’t be at the top of the play list. We really can’t go away with it because of the kind of offense we run. We just have to be careful.”

“We have to play better at the end of the game. A lot of that has to do with the belief that you know you are going to win, not thinking you are going to win. Competing is not good enough. You have to win the games.” 

(Asked if he address his WR that dropped the ball before crossing the goal line) “What do you think? You wanna know what happened? We pulled his pants down and gave him a spanking. It’s unacceptable. It won’t happen again. I didn’t see it at the time, or I would have addressed it then.”

The Irish travel to East Lansing to play Michigan State on Saturday night.