Brian Kelly: I want our guys to be more comfortable playing at home

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Over the past few seasons, Brian Kelly noted that he doesn't believe that his guys have been completely comfortable playing in front of their home crowd in South Bend.

"I felt at times we ran into the stadium like we were running into the Basilica...or we were running to the Grotto. We're running into the football stadium, and I want our guys feeling comfortable in there."

In order to make the team more familiar with the game day environment, the Irish have moved their Thursday pre game practices from the LaBar practice complex to the stadium and will practice that way for the rest of the season.

"I want our guys to feel comfortable in the stadium, in the locker room, in the tunnel, on the field, on the sideline. When we run out there, I want some energy." Kelly explained.

"It almost seems like there's too much of a reverence there. It's Notre Dame Stadium. It's a football game, and let's have some energy. We talked about that today and we'll continue to beat that drum."

Notre Dame has their home opener Saturday against Purdue at 3:30 and can be seen on NBC.