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Brian Kelly: If they don't make changes in their life, no use to take away playing time

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly decided not to take away playing time for wide receiver Michael Floyd, who was fully reinstated to the team this morning.

Floyd was arrested for DUI in March. It was his third run-in with law over alcohol since 2009.

Kelly explained today that he felt attached to Floyd, but wasn’t worried about his decision affecting his reputation as a leader or head coach.

Kelly’s goal was to give Floyd an opportunity to change his life, something Kelly feels Floyd has absolutely embraced.

Asked why he hasn’t found using playing time as a deterrent, Kelly eloquently explained, “They have to make concrete changes in their life for it to impact. If they continue to run with the wrong people…I could give you a list of examples. Some of those are unfortunately in college and the NFL. If they don’t make changes in their life, it doesn’t matter how many games you suspend them. It’s going to put them back to the same position. Those things had to happen first.”

Kelly admitted he’s not concerned about the public perception regarding his decision.

He added, “The head football coach at any university when he makes decisions like this is always going to be scrutinized about that. Reputation, no. I’ve been disappointed in the past by others. I don’t think that is going to happen here.”

In case you’re wondering if Notre Dame was concerned about the perception of the decision, just watch this interview. Kelly explains everything. Literally, everything.