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Brian Kelly: If you go out there and kick field goals, we're going to beat you

The consensus in South Bend is that Brian Kelly is refreshing to listen to. 

Sunday, Kelly sat down for an extensive interview to review the 23-12 win over Purdue.

You can watch the interview right here.

“We talk about it all the time, if you go out there and kick field goals, we’re going to beat you cuz we’re going to put some points on the board offensively. I think there is a pride starting to set in.”

Asked about what was going through his head on his drive home last night, Kelly responded, “I was thinking of Michigan (laughs). I was thinking about Denard Robinson and what we need to do to beat Michigan. It’s just in my DNA. It’s how I operate.”

“Again, I don’t have any history at Notre Dame other than the first day, so those things never concern me. I knew that our defense was going to fight and play hard. Regardless of whether they scored or not, I was not concern that we were going to stop playing. I knew we were going to keep playing hard. I told them, ‘Just keep playing. Don’t think about what’s happened in the past. Just keep playing hard and I promise you we’ll put you in position to be successful.’”

“Again, I think goes back to what we’ve talked about with this team. Have confidence in your ability. We believe in you. There is no sense in going out there not believing you can do it. We believe you can do it and they showed that they could.”

“They have to see themselves be successful, first of all. They have to see themselves in being in good position, coaches putting them in good position to succeed.”

Notre Dame hosts Michigan next Saturday.