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Brian Kelly: Our players are hearing the same thing every day

Entering his second Spring as head coach at Notre Dame, Brian Kelly has tangible evidence his players are trusting his plan.

Kelly told the New York Times that wide receiver Michael Floyd is a 6-star recruit.

He explained, “Part of building a program is the trust you need from your players and in recruiting. When you see a Michael Floyd, who was not recruited by me or this staff, nor was he a guy who had to come back to college, it does a lot toward giving trust to your program. It’s like: ‘Hey, they’re doing the right things here. I’m sticking around.’ That is why he got the sixth star from me. That meant here’s a guy who wants to stick around because he believes in what’s going on.”

As Spring practice approaches, Kelly is continuing to strengthen the foundation and core beliefs that his program will grow upon. For Kelly, progress has come from consistency.

Kelly explained, “I would say consistency in message. Our players are hearing the same thing every day.It’s like in your own home, you build a value system, and it’s repeated day after day. I’ve said this from Day 1. Everyone talked about what was wrong with Notre Dame; there wasn’t a consistency. There were too many head coaches here. There was no consistency, for whatever the reasons the changes were made, right or wrong. Going into our off-season workouts with our guys, Year 2 is a lot different than Year 1.”

The Irish open with South Florida. The November schedule is a little different than usual. Notre Dame plays at Wake Forest, Maryland (Washington, D.C.), Boston College, and at Stanford.