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Brian Kelly pumped up about the Irish defense

On Monday, Notre Dame practiced outside for just the third time this spring.

Offensive coordinator Charley Molnar believes thing are drastically different than a year ago.

Molnar said, “It’s so much better. Just about every position. We really have developed some depth. The quarterback position really exemplifies that.”

Meanwhile, head coach Brian Kelly told ESPN’s Mark Schlabach, “I think the biggest reason to be excited is we’re going to be able to play some defense. I’ve learned in 22 years of coaching that if you’re good on defense and solid in special teams, you can muck it up on offense enough to find a way to win games.”

“That’s been our job since we were hired -- to fix the defense."

“It’s all about momentum,” explained Kelly. “It’s about beating USC for the first time in 8 years and beating Miami handily. Clearly, momentum is huge and gives you something in the offseason and in recruiting. But we’ve got to win more games. Eight is not enough.”

The Irish will practice on Wednesday, Friday, and then play the spring game at 3 PM EST on Saturday. The game will air LIVE on the Versus Network.