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Brian Kelly wants a certain type of consistency

After Monday's practice session, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly spoke of the importance of consistency. 

Said Kelly, “Consistency is not really, for me, about making plays as much as it is consistency in the way they come to work everyday. Focus, locked in, giving great effort. We’ve got good coaches. We’re going to put them in position to succeed. That, I’m not concerned with. It’s all the things that I can’t control…your effort and attitude, all those things.” 

Like many head coach, Kelly is trying to put his stamp on the Irish. The first-year Notre Dame head coach is laying the foundation and isn't striving to play "winning football." Kelly makes the point he wants to play "championship football."

Kelly added, “I’m pretty good at over communicating the message I want to send.”

During his Q&A with reporters, Kelly went into detail about his defensive personnel. You can watch that video here