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Brian Kelly: You have to use Facebook

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly spent a few minutes on the NFL Network last night.

After complimenting the outstanding work that Mike Mayock does for the NFL Network and Notre Dame’s traditional Saturday NBC telecast, Kelly talked about social media outlets and reflected on the best players he coached against this past season.

Kelly appreciates that Mayock doesn't waste time talking in generalities. He knows the game, personnel and x's & o's, so Kelly looks forward to meeting with Mayock each Friday during the season.

An avid tweeter (who would have ever thought the Notre Dame head coach would be an avid tweeter), and a good one in our opinion, Kelly also talked about Facebook.

Kelly said, “I will tell you I have to be. In the recruiting process, the way that you have an opportunity with recruits today, you have to have Facebook because they are not picking up the phones anymore.”

Who was the best player you coached against in this year’s draft?

Kelly said, “Andrew Luck. He was hands down the best we saw, but I also liked the Baldwin kid from Pittsburgh. I think a lot of people talk about whether he came to play every week, but I can tell you when I was at Cincinnati and again at Notre Dame, we played him a lot and he came to play. He’s got great range and will go up and get the football. He’s a match-up nightmare. And then I liked the energy that Ryan Kerrigan from Purdue brought to the table.”

Kelly now has over 26,000 followers on Twitter. You can follow him @CoachBrianKelly. You can follow us @FootballScoop