Briles will "call the shots" offensively for now

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Baylor head coach Art Briles will start off “calling the shots” offensively during August camp.

During the spring, Briles handed the play-calling duties to co-offensive coordinator / quarterbacks / running backs coach Phillip Montgomery.

Briles stated, “You know, right now, I am going to start back out running the offense with the help of everybody else involved. I am going to do it from the standpoint that we are at the tempo level that I think we need to be at. Strictly from that standpoint only. Philip [Montgomery] did a great job in the Spring. Those guys did an outstanding job, but I want to make sure that we are being as fast a football team as we can offensively. As Fall camp builds on, we will see where it leads from there. But right now, I will be calling the shots.”

Baylor begins practice Friday afternoon at 3:45 pm EST. The Bears open with Sam Houston State and Buffalo, before traveling to TCU.