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Broken play and improvisation lead to big D-II upset

St. Cloud State scored on a broken play with 3 seconds left to upset the #2 team in Division II on Saturday.

The Huskies went into halftime down 28-10 to Minnesota-Duluth before eventually battling back with 41 second half points and having a chance to win it with 3 seconds on the clock.

The clip below captures the last play of the game from field level. The final play breaks down and instead of staying in pass protection, the running back improvises and releases, and the quarterback scrambles and gets him the ball. The running back has just enough of an angle to make it into the end zone for the game winning touchdown as time expires.

You can tell from the crowd's reaction that the 51-49 win was huge for the St. Cloud State program, and you couldn't get a better angle than this field level view.