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Bronco Mendenhall has a special celebration dance planned for 2013

BYU kept a lot of teams out of the end zone last season, ending the season ranked third nationally, allowing just 14 points per game. Some of you may remember BYU's goal line stand against Boise State midway through the third quarter of their match up this past fall (in a game they eventually lost 6-7), but what you may have missed was Bronco Mendehall's celebration afterwards. For those of you that don't recall it, head to the 7 minute mark of the clip at the bottom of the page.

After stuffing Boise State on four straight plays after they started from the six inch line, Mendenhall couldn't contain his excitement afterwards and broke out into an impromptu dance (which we're all guilty of in the heat of the moment on game day, even if we don't realize it). He then explained that on his way to the office the next day, he saw his moves being replicated by neighborhood kids.

Not realizing that his celebration had that kind of polarity, Mendenhall joked that the next time that something happens on the football field that calls for a little spontaneous celebration, he's going to try to go in a little more prepared.

"The headset jiggling around...I think I could have been a little more uninhibited without that. So the first thing I am going to do is flip off the headset so I can get a little more head action into it."

On a more serious note, this interview is a great look at a unfiltered and comfortable Mendenhall where he gives his take on a variety of issues, some of which we have summarized for you below:

On why he created a new Twitter account:
"The idea simply came from my kids. We play that game called "telephone" where you tell me something, and I tell someone else something and then by the time it gets back it's not what you said. That kind of happens when you're the head coach. When you're interviewed and you say something and it doesn't come out like you say it, so I kind of thought of it as 'factory direct'. Why not just have the message go right from the factory, and we'll eliminate the distributors when possible."

On the difference between "Twitterers" and "Tweeters", and what he is in the Twitter realm:
"I say it's Twitterer. 'Twitterers' is the masculine term, 'Tweeter' is feminine."

"I think the world has needed that definitive explanation." Bronco went on to say.

What he liked about playing as an independent:
"The best part is that you don't have to answer to anybody, we can do whatever we want. I underestimated the exposure and what that would do. Only 8 teams in the world of college football have been seen more than us."

On how he's been successful on putting an emphasis on values in the classroom and in the community with his players:
"It's just priorities. Football is what everybody sees, but that's just really a way to teach the rest. Ultimately, that's what I've decided that I am. I love to teach so that really gives us a chance to put things in front of our players that will help them not only weather BYU football, but afterwards, and that's fun."

See all of the interview with coach Mendenhall below.