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Bronco praises coordinator: I have not been in a defensive meeting all camp

BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall thinks the conditioning level of his team helped the Cougars defeat Washington 23-17. Mendenhall also spoke highly of his defensive coordinator Jaime Hill and praised the way his two quarterbacks are “working together.”

(on the two QB’s) "Right now, there is zero friction. And I think they are really sincere and authentic in how they are working together. It is an awesome thing. It is really fun for me to see. I don't think many places that can happen.”

"Jaime Hill, I thought he called a great game. A couple of the fourth down stops, and to get what he got out of our defensive players in the first game, I was really impressed with the job he did. I have not been in a defensive meeting all fall camp. So I have been focusing on special teams.So it was fun to be able to delegate completely, do something else, and have that side come through. So I am happy for the defense."

(on the team’s conditioning level)"I think it could have been, and maybe that contributed to, it looked like we played, in my opinion, we played with more energy. It looked like we held our conditioning, and gained momentum in the second half. That might have been attributed to how the first half ended. But it looked to me as the game went on that we were better conditioned. That's just my assumption. That's not belittlling our opponent. As I saw the momentum shifting, it looked like we were handling the pace at a higher level than our opponent. So I hope that comes out right."

(on coaching the kick-off team himself) "Absolutely. One of the reasons that I am coaching the kickoff team, and structuring the special teams emphasis, was knowing that we are going to need it, because of our relative youth. I don't know how fast we can get our execution to go, so field position has to be something we win. And I think that played out today, just from an overall execution."

BYU is on the road the next two Air Force and at Florida State.