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Bronco says Kaepernick as good or better than Ponder and Locker

Bronco Mendenhall, who has coached against Christian Ponder and Jake Locker this season, has high praise for Nevada quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick has already accounted for 13 touchdowns on the season for the Wolf Pack. 

Mendenhall told the Deseret News, "I think he's equal, if not better, than the ones we've played. The style of play is a little bit different, but in terms of athleticism, and what they ask him to do in this offense, I think he's having the most impact of any of the three we've played thus far." 

"It's basically option football and the ability to throw it," Mendenhall said. "Anytime you play Air Force or Navy, teams that are exceptional at running the football, with option principles, they usually can't throw the ball effectively in addition to that. Nor do they have a quarterback that can do both. It's option football and the ability to throw the football by a quarterback that can do both. That's what makes it so difficult."

Nevada enters the game #3 in the country in total offense (560 yards per game). After scoring on all 9 possession against Colorado State, Nevada dropped 52 on California last week.

"As we continue to improve our assignments, improve our fundamentals and continue to play with more of a consistent effort, I think we'll improve. I'm not saying that will be this week nor am I saying that we'll stop or even slow down the pistol (offense). That's our hope. My main focus is just committing to improve our team."

Here at FootballScoop headquarters, we wonder how high Kaepernick will get drafted. Did Vince Young really throw it that much better coming out of college? We're just asking.

Kick-off in Provo is set for 6:00 pm EST.