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Bucs learning Schiano's way

Yesterday marked the first time that new Bucs head coach Greg Schiano could see his team on the practice field, and while he was pleased with the effort, he explains that the players have a lot to learn about the way the new coaching staff wants things done.

"Teaching the way we do things, and that covers a lot of different areas...effort, precision, schematics, all those things. If you have to come out of it with one thing, you want them to understand the tempo with which we practice and the attention to detail that's required to play this game effectively."

"The schemes will come. We have time, although not a lot of it." Schiano explained. "But that will come when we rep it and learn it and rep it and learn it and rep it and learn it. But to get the tempo and attention to detail would be the biggest thing."

"This is training for all of us to ready for training camp when we have to hit it and get it. We'll build through this mini camp and OTA's and then the mandatory mini camp and hopefully, we'll be ready to go to training camp with a group of people who truly understand each other and what we're setting out to do."

Schiano will kick off his NFL head coaching career at Raymond James Stadium when they take on Carolina Sunday, September 9.