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Building a "team"

Coaches are always looking for the best way to build their team. August camp has just started, but undoubtedly a few college coaches have already realized they have a special freshman class.

They can see the foundation of what lies ahead.

Former Tampa Bay all-pro defensive lineman Warren Sapp loves the way Raheem Morris is putting together his team. Coming alive is unity, ownership, and unselfishness.

74 of 90 players grinding through training camp are twenty-five years old or under. Despite being $50 million under the salary cap a few weeks ago, the Bucs opted not to bring in some big name veteran players.

To Sapp, there’s something special to that. He remembers when the Bucs built a championship organization with a core of young players that included Derrick Brooks, Ronde Barber, John Lynch, and Sapp.

Sapp said, “It was home grown Bucs that we won with.”

There’s something about, “We build together. We grow together. We grow old together. I didn’t think about it until Raheem asked me, ‘How many outsiders you had in your defense?’ I was like, ‘It was all home grown. It was us.’”

“We had this one guy come in here, I think it was Porter, and we ran the pursuit drill. He didn’t make it one drill because it was something he was so unused to. He just left.”

Sapp said, “They have a certain way of doing it. They want to draft their guys, they want to build them together, they want them to grow together. I like that.”

“One thing I know about football…if you buy in, it will work. That’s what Bill Belichick does. I like the philosophy of, 'I don��t need any of my critics to believe in me. I need my ball club to believe in me.' They are playing. These kids are so ready to chomp at the bit. They don’t know nothing but ‘Let’s do what coach says.’”

According to Sapp, head coach Raheem Morris said, “We’re going to go with our guys.”

Sense the excitement from Sapp, right here.