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Butch Davis talks about #1 lesson learned through UNC adversity

North Carolina head coach Butch Davis talked this morning with 620 The Buzz about the most important thing he learned through all the adversity last season.

Davis began by explaining, “Last year was one of the most difficult years you could ever imagine as far as a football coach.”

“There’s always going to be adversity. I can’t ever remember in thirty-seven years some kind of tough times. It might be that that Troy Aikman is going to miss four games in the middle of a Super Bowl run. You just control your own attitude, your own preparation, your hard work, and say ‘Let’s do all we can, the best we can, no regrets.’”

“Anytime that something goes wrong, there is an opportunity to learn a lot. There are a lot of things we’ve already changed to make sure these things don’t happen again.”

Davis said the most important thing he learned throughout the adversity from last season was, “Starting to talk to our players at an earlier stage of their career.”

“You gotta start as freshman. The paradigms of everything has changed with the Army All-American games, Under Armour All-American games, all these prolific scouting. There is hardly nobody under the radar, even in high school.”

“Now, I better start talking to our freshman. I better start talking to our sophomores. I can’t wait until they are juniors to talk about the things you can do.”

“One or two meetings a year are not enough. You’ve got to constantly, continually talk about and look at all the things going on around the country.”