'Bold like a bear, sharp like a claw.' Cal unveils new uniforms

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Cal unveiled new uniforms on Tuesday afternoon. Or, as athletic director Sandy Barbour called it, a visual identity project. 

"This is an exciting time for our athletic department and, frankly, for our university," Barbour said.

Changing Cal's visual identity was an 18-month process. What took so long? According to marketing director Todd Van Horne, Nike embarked on a five-step process that included studying Cal history and interviewing athletes. "Where innovation meets inspiration," he said. Van Horne described the number fonts as "bold like a bear, sharp like a claw."

"Brand is an essence, it's a promise of what will be delievered, what will be experienced," Barbour explained. "Logos, and fonts, and design are only meaningful to the degree they represent the university. Our goal is to have something that is universally recognized from which brand equity can be strengthened." In non-marketing language: it's important to have good uniforms. Again, we're talking about an event where a font was described as "traditional yet modern". 

"It's a completely innovative system of dress that you'll see on the football field," added Van Horne.

After nearly half an hour, we finally got to see what everyone was talking about.


Here is a look at the uniforms with actual Cal players inside them. Note that, in addition to blue, gold and white, Nike has added a grey uniform to the mix.


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