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Caldwell: I hope it doesn't come down to me and Coach Fitz, Lord have mercy.

Vanderbilt hosts Northwestern on Saturday night in Robbie Caldwell’s first game as head coach of the Commodores.

During Monday’s press conference, a reporter asked Caldwell, “This game is being called the 'Brain Bowl.' Did you ever think you would be in a game like that?”

The pure and honest Caldwell responded, "Oh, I hope it doesn’t come down to me and Coach Fitzgerald, Lord have mercy. I have an education I just don’t care to use it."

In regards to joining the twitter world, Caldwell said, "I tell you the truth, I don’t know much about it. I just need to thank Michael Hazel and everyone else around here for that. One thing they haven’t done is shown me how to do it on my phone. I don’t get to a computer, they forgot about that. I’m not a computer man. I like to get in the office and meet with people and watch tape and all that stuff so that’s the one thing they didn’t think about so it’s hard for me to get to. When I do I like to peck on it though, it’s fun. I had to look up the word ‘Tweet’ or ‘Twitter’ was and whatever it meant. I’ve had a few players we’ve had over the years that we’ve called ‘Chirp’ or ‘Tweet’ so maybe we started that, I don’t know. We might have invented that term. We have a coach down in South Carolina right now that we called ‘Chirp’ because he tweeted all the time. He was always chirping about something. Could be."

Ask what will be different for the head coach personally, Caldwell said, “I have brothers and sisters coming who normally wouldn’t leave the outskirts of our little town so it’s going to be pretty neat."

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Kick-off between Vanderbilt and Northwestern is set for 7:30 pm EST. CSS will broadcast the game.