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Cam Cameron calls his own firing a 'brilliant move'

It takes a coach that's comfortable in himself and his abilities to recognize that being let go mid season was in the best interest of the team's long term goals.

For Cam Cameron, who was let go back on December 10th as the Ravens offensive coordinator, that has been the case. With the Ravens in the Super Bowl, and Jim Caldwell occupying his old play calling duties, Cameron looks back on the franchise's decision to let him go and describes it as "brilliant".

“It was a brilliant move. Everyone on the team took a look in the mirror after that.” Cameron told the New York Times yesterday.

The free time that Cameron has had on his hands has allowed him to do a lot of things that NFL coaches don't normally have time for, and he believes that, while he may not be able to fully grasp why it's all happening, he's right where he's supposed to be at this point in his life and career.

"I don’t necessarily understand it. But I believe that me and my family — and I’ve told them this — we’re right where we’re supposed to be. And that’s very freeing in a lot of ways.”

The entire article from the Times, including Cameron's first activity that got him some weird looks immediately after being let go, and the details from his last meeting with John Harbaugh can be read here.