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Cancel your weekend plans, you won't want to miss this

Saturday night a documentary titled "We Could Be King" premiers on ESPN2 (8pm EST), and judging from the reviews I've read and the trailers below it's worthy of cancelling any weekend plans that you might have.

The documentary, which got a standing ovation at New York's Tribeca Film festival, tells the story of the funding crisis within Philadelphia schools which forced the closure of Germantown HS (PA), and led to Germantown merging with rival Martin Luther King HS (PA).

From what I understand, much of the documentary touches on how first year head coach Ed Dunn navigates the sticky situation behind uniting a team of former rivals into a cohesive unit. Dunn's guidance in the face of adversity led to MLK's first ever Public-League championship this past season, and multiple plays held celebrations on national signing day. 

This documentary could stop at Dunn's ability to unite a torn team and be outstanding, but it goes beyond that into the hardships that players struggle with during the transition of combining schools, and the temptations that teenagers face growing up the inner city.

Like I said in the title, clear your schedule at 8pm EST on Saturday and tune into ESPN2. If you have plans with your wife or girlfriend already, go ahead and order some flowers with an "I'm Sorry" card in won't want to miss this.