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Chad Morris dishes on what he looks for in a head coaching opportunity

After having his name linked as a candidate at Texas Tech before the Red Raiders decided to bring on Kliff Kingsbury, Chad Morris explained after practice over the weekend that there are so many things that need to fall into place for you to be successful in your first head coaching stop.

Morris, who had an extremely successful high school coaching career in Texas before moving up to serve as the offensive coordinator at Tulsa and eventually Clemson, explained that money has nothing to do with moving up in the profession for him, it's more about finding the right fit and right opportunity.

The commitment that Clemson has shown to winning and doing things the right way makes Morris more than happy with where he is at now in his coaching career. Their production coupled with the environment that Dabo Swinney has created among the staff (and their compensation) is what Morris explains has given him the opportunity to be selective if, and when, schools reach out to him about their vacancies.

Morris explains the type of things he looks for when evaluating an opportunity to become a head coach.

"It's about have they won in the past? Is there a commitment to winning?"

"There has to be a commitment from a support staff, to a fan base that is hungry to win. There are so many variables that play into a decision that you make. You only get one opportunity to do this, and you want to make sure that you do it in a place where you can be successful, that you can win, and that you can make an impact." he explained.

"Just to say that you're a head coach...that does nothing for me. I have no desire, just to say that 'I'm a head coach at wherever'. I have no desire to do that because I feel that we have a great situation here."