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Chad Morris explains the importance of visiting other staffs

Yesterday we covered a story on the Clemson staff visiting with the Arizona State, Ohio State, and Atlanta Falcons staffs in an effort to get an edge for the 2013 season. After practice yesterday, offensive coordinator Chad Morris kicked off his post practice presser by explaining the importance of visiting other coaching staffs during the off season.

"We try and get one or two different wrinkles, or one or two different ideas that keep us ahead of the curve. I think that you have to grow from a staff development standpoint, you've even got to grow if you're a business owner. You're always looking for changes and what's the next best thing out there to stay ahead of the game."

"People are trying to catch us, people are trying to study us, so we've got to stay ahead of the game. That's something that we take a lot of pride in all the way back to when I was coaching high school ball."

"If you're not growing, you're obviously falling backwards." Morris explained.

Regardless of the level you coach, the game and its coaches are always evolving and the coaches that stay sharp (and encourage their staff to do the same) are going to be the guys that are successful and talked about for years to come.