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Changes start in the weight room for ASU

If you were to walk into the weight room at Arizona State today, you'd find the team dressed uniformly in black shorts, white socks and grey shirts.

"It's about being on the same page. When we're in here, we're going to look like a team" strength coach Shawn Griswold said.

Griswold hasn't even been on campus for a week and is already planning some upgrades to the weight room...the same one that was considered state of the art in a 2002 article in Sports Illustrated.

Graham and Griswold also plan to institute some new traditions, including a 70 pound rock that will serve as the teams touchstone that will be placed in the locker room for games, and will travel with the team as well.

"You have to inspire today's kids, or they're gone. They hit the reset button, like a Madden game" Griswold said.