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Charlie Strong lunch-time presser

Charlie Strong just met with reporters during lunch. Here’s a quick wrap on Strong’s presser:

(on strength coach Pat Moorer) “Best strength coach in the country, without a doubt. He has installed a confidence back in our players. The discipline is unbelievable. The players know there is no issues. When you have a strength coach like that, his whole time is dedicated to the players.”

“I told him (Moorer), ‘How we are as a football team will depend on how are offensive and defensive lines.’” 

(on the quarterbacks) “Who can go lead this football team (will be the starter)? It’s critical that we get the leader. I don’t need you to go out and make a bunch of great plays. I just need you to play within the system. We haven’t made that deadline (naming a starting QB), yet.”

“Our seniors need to go play their best football.”