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Charlie Strong on leaving for Arkansas job, "I'm just not cut like that"

Jim Rome had Louisville head coach Charlie Strong on his show today. To Rome's credit the conversation turned towards the possibility of Strong being contacted about the Arkansas opening after the season. 

Here's a quick summary of the relevant comments:

Rome: Your name has come up with regards to the Arkansas job. You're an Arkansas native...I know you'll tell me you're great where you are and you're only thinking about Louisville; but given your background, if that phone rings do you owe it to yourself to at least pick it up?

Strong: Jim, I always say this. The athletic director and president here gave me my first opportunity. I know a lot of times your name comes up with these different jobs, but when someone reaches out to you I owe it to them [Louisville] to uphold what we've been talking about. The phone call may never come. ... When I got this job my name wasn't even in the mix for the Louisville job. I am fine where I'm at. I've got a lot of backing here and my family loves it here. I'm pretty comfortable where I'm at. 

Rome: When you say to me these are the people that gave me the opportunity, that means something to you, right?

Strong: Oh it does. A lot of times we think the grass is greener on the other side, but you don't just walk away when you are building a program. Then I look at the players I recruited here. I told them to come here for me and for this university and then all of the sudden I got a shot to go somewhere else and I walk away from them? I'm just not cut like that."

Strong comments.