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Charlie Strong: We have to find an identity of who we really are

Charlie Strong addressed a large crowd of Louisville fans earlier this week during the annual kick-off luncheon.

The first-year head coach outlined his philosophy of the program, introduced all the assistant coaches, and talked about the “night & day” progress the team has made since his arrival in January. 

Strong sent the message that, “We just really need to come together as a football team. We have to find an identity of who we really are.”

Part of building the program, Strong felt it was important that each player in summer school participate in 5 hours of community service this summer.

Strong said, “What we did this summer, talking about sacrifice, they had to give 5 community hours back to the community. We had 60 of them in summer school this summer, so what we said is ‘You have 5 community service hours. You can do them wherever you want to. You will get it logged in.’ There was no issue. I gave them one month and it was done. That’s why I feel we are heading in the right direction. They are tired of the embarrassment and the want to win. They really want to win.”

Regarding the Cardinal’s new offense, Strong added, “We have an offense that we are really comfortable about. And the reason is we are so comfortable is our offensive line. Our offensive line is probably the nucleus of our football team right now. You look at guys that have been in this program. They can take our guys on defense and move them out of the way. We have enough in place that we feel we’re going to be pretty good on offense.” 

You can watch Charlie Strong’s speech, below.