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Charlie Weis explains his situation, no mention of happy hour party

Charlie Weis is not too happy with reports of a rift between he and head coach Todd Haley.

"I almost get offended when people say that. But this decision had absolutely zero to do with relationships in Kansas City.’’

“When you’re the boss, you’re the boss. When you’re an assistant, you’re an assistant. He’s definitely the boss and I’m definitely the offensive coordinator. I think we had a very good understanding of what our roles were without any reservation.’’

So how long until Weis joins that Gators? According to Ray Lewis #52, you’ll see him in Gainesville by Monday. Weis says he’ll be with the Chiefs as long as the organization is alive in the playoffs. 

Since the Chiefs host the Ravens at 1 pm EST on Sunday, Weis could join hundreds of coach at the FootballScoop Coaches Happy Hour at the convention on Monday night at 5 pm in Dallas. You never know.

Weis didn’t mention the happy hour, but he did explain, “I’ve done it before. It was even worse then. I was recruiting from 8 to 11 every night but working up until 8 and on until 2 afterwards to do my job with the Patriots.’’