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Chavis: It's a football game...between the best 2 teams


If you watch SportsCenter this week, you're likely to be reminded that LSU is playing at Alabama this weekend.

Erin Andrews is spending the day with the LSU program today and the worldwide leader is showing live cut ins throughout the day on ESPN and the deuce. They also have announced that tomorrow ESPN will be doing the same within the Alabama program.

Minutes ago, Andrews sat down with the Chief in his office. EA opened up remarking how clean Chavis' office was. Chief gave the credit to his GAs. 

Towards the end of the interview Chief got on a roll and really opened up. He's excited to be coaching in this game said he doesn't get caught up in the hype; but when Andrews asked him his reaction to this game being labled "Armageddon in Alabama" Chavis replied, "It's a football game...A game between the best two teams in the country." The smirk he gave said it all.

This is a huge game for both programs and they know it. Winner take all Saturday night.