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Check out Chuck Pagano's post game locker room speech

Last season we got a glimpse inside an emotional Indianapolis locker room as Chuck Pagano battled cancer to return to the sidelines with his team. Last night, the Colts provided the same access inside the locker room and you'll see a much healthier (and just as passionate) Pagano address his team.

As he addresses the team, Pagano talks about the importance of staying together and believing in the process, and striving for perfection everyday that they come to work. He then ties that message into his handing out of the game balls to three guys that have demonstrated that during their time in the league. Powerful message here.

You can hear the sincerity and passion in his voice when he addresses his guys after a big 21-17 win over the Colts yesterday to start the season 1-0. After he awards the players a game ball, and explains why they deserve it, you can clearly see them getting emotional because of the passion that Pagano has for both football and life. Their emotion shows how much playing for a guy like him means to all of them.

We're not able to embed the video here, but you can catch Paganos speech in its entirety here. Pay special attention to owner and CEO Jim Irsay (to Pagano's right) during the speech. It looks like Pagano's message has Irsay ready to suit up.