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Check out Rutgers' brand new recruiting app


Rutgers has paired its jump into the Big Ten with a leap into the world of app making. 

The Scarlet Knights have commissioned an app that, when scanned with a brochure handed out at a Rutgers camp, will release one-minute video, and then a new video every two weeks after that. 

Why tether the app to a camp brochure? Because that allows Rutgers to loop hole its way around the NCAA rulebook. 

"I can’t send a pre-(high school) junior a video. I can’t mail them a video. Really, before their junior year we can’t even email them links," Rutgers director of branding and social media Drew Robinson told the Newark Star-Ledger. "So this is a way to get information out about the football program in a video content format."

Beyond videos, users can dress players in Rutgers gear and then share their creation on social media. In terms of playing to your audience, this is like plopping down a free keg at a coaches' convention.

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