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Check out Texas' 2013 season trailer

In Mack Brown's now three-year quest to rebuild the Texas program, one of his most overlooked but underrated hires was made just over one month ago. Somehow, someway the program with more resources than anyone in college football, located in the country's biggest technological hub this side of Silicon Valley, with its own ESPN network to boot, had fallen behind on in-house video production.

Enter Derek Ochoa, who LSU recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson credited as the dynamo behind their industry-leading videos while Ochoa was a student in Baton Rouge. "He's been with us for a few years, he spends time around the players and around the program and he really knows what message we want to deliver," Wilson said at the time.

Texas hired Ochoa on April 11 as the Longhorns' director of creative services for football, and his first major output can be seen below. "All of the energy and work that we've put into the last two years are going to start showing more results," says Brown. "We want to get back to being one of the top football programs in the country, where we deserve to be and where our fans deserve to be."

With the season just over 100 days away, the bar has now been set firmly into place.